April 18th, 2013 at 6:58 am
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Collaborator is now streaming on Netflix. Check it out!

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    Chris Said: @2:38 pm 

    Brilliant film! I met both these actors in New Zealand, David Morse while he was shooting Brotherhood of the Rose when I was a little kid, sometime in the mid 80′s – then in 1998 I bumped into Martin Donovan in “Atrium on Elliot Auckland City” he was checking out some CDS (compact discs kids), I was obsessed with Hal Hartley movies especially Trust at the time, couldn’t believe my luck when I saw him there, asked for his autograph which he kindly gave me, I asked about Trust, he said “That was a long time ago” now it’s even a longer time ago, nice guy, great actor – one of my favorites and I loved the Collaborator. I still have his autograph – but like most people we don’t really want the paper and signature we just want the chance to say “thanks we loved your work in…..”
    Looking forward to the next film you direct Martin.

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